“Author Jarl Jensen has cleverly crafted a book that has hit many chords on a personal level. As a community advocate in local government,  father of two millennials, and home owner, I find this book to be a very important read when it comes to our ideas on leadership, the current problems with our political climate, and the future of the economy in the United States.”

Byron Baker  – Retired U.S. Department of Commerce Director of Acquisitions and Logistics

As a newly retired civilian employee for the D.O.D.,  I found this book to be nothing short of eye-opening and its revitalized my ideas for what it takes to re-establish the core values of what this country was built on. The author has clearly outlined the ongoing problems with The Federal Reserve and has explained through engaging characters why our system is built the way it is – to benefit the wealthy! Although I am not liberty to say much about our current president, I do believe that Jarl Jensen’s solutions for implementing new guidelines for leadership and economic health will be one that will shape our country for the better. I highly recommend this read for all age groups and for those working in many different industries. – Silvia Carter – Retired Director of Communications Installations at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

This is a really good book! I liked it a lot. I am amazed this is the first book by Jarl Jensen because the author does a good job of making you feel like you are right there with each character and it’s easy to picture what’s happening. His obvious knowledge of the ongoing problems with our economy, jobs, and the looming scope of automation makes this a very informative and useful read. – Karl P. Johnson  – Founder of The Brothers Fund and Head of Investments at The Veterans Leadership Program