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A Roadmap for Millennials

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“Stand up! Be counted!” These are the rallying calls of the motivated and civic-minded young kids – often referred to as millennials – of our country. Their first target? None other than the National Rifle Association (“NRA”,) one of the biggest Goliaths out there. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m impressed. For too long, recent generations have stayed silent while the wealthiest of this nation have ramped up their grotesque money and power grab.

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What You Need to Know About My First Book and Why I’m Giving it Away for Free


I wrote my first book, ‘Optimizing America’ as a way of telling an important story about our dysfunctional economy.  The world we live in is full of scarcity, yet we have an abundance of resources. This simple fact should make you wonder why that is.  My first book describes a big solution for most of our world’s problems. However, I want to get the message out faster. So, I wrote a booklet that I am giving away for free.

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‘West World’ Warnings

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‘West World’ is no doubt one of the greatest science fiction shows of our time much like Star Trek was 30 years ago. Many of the imagined technologies used on Star Trek are a reality today. Technology has no limits, it’s just a matter of time before the possibilities are discovered and made into reality. This is why science fiction is so thrilling, it shows us the possibilities. West World seems plausible and that’s exciting. The show makes us look beyond the technology and makes us look at humanity, what is West World saying about us?

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