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Where is the Technology Train Going?

Ever wonder where all these ‘technological advancements’ are heading? Hint: NOT humanity.

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What is pitting Machines against Man

At some point in our future the machines become more capable then people, why is this happening? What happens next?  Does it have to happen?

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The American Dream is for Bankers

Low interest rates only serve one master: the bankers. So here’s what you really need to know before you buy a house.

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10 Exciting Reasons Why ‘Optimizing America’ is a ‘Must Read’ (And They Don’t Suck)

A few years ago I wrote my first book, ‘Optimizing America.’ And now that I’ve had some time, space and feedback to reflect on the impact of the book on a budding audience, and its lasting effects, I can’t help but share ten reasons why it may appear in your ‘must read’ list. Here’s what new readers are saying and why they love this book.

Find Out What Other Readers are Saying About “Optimizing America

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