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A Roadmap for Millennials

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“Stand up! Be counted!” These are the rallying calls of the motivated and civic-minded young kids – often referred to as millennials – of our country. Their first target? None other than the National Rifle Association (“NRA”,) one of the biggest Goliaths out there. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m impressed. For too long, recent generations have stayed silent while the wealthiest of this nation have ramped up their grotesque money and power grab.

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What You Need to Know About My First Book and Why I’m Giving it Away for Free


I wrote my first book, ‘Optimizing America’ as a way of telling an important story about our dysfunctional economy.  The world we live in is full of scarcity, yet we have an abundance of resources. This simple fact should make you wonder why that is.  My first book describes a big solution for most of our world’s problems. However, I want to get the message out faster. So, I wrote a booklet that I am giving away for free.

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Ending the Never-Ending War

The military industrial complex needs to be understood by American citizens. Most American’s do not understand what it is and how it works.

Let’s begin with how it all got started many, many years ago. During World War II America was threatened by two major global powers: Japan and Germany. In order to fight these enemies the U.S. government borrowed massive amounts of money to fund the war efforts. The outcome was an economic and military success. The debt-driven war efforts caused the US economy to grow into the most powerful economy in the world. Jobs to build military equipment, bases and training soldiers popped up all over the country. Every state in the nation benefited from this economic growth.

It is this success that created the military industrial complex.

Since every state was dependent on military spending for part of its economy, every elected official was given incentives to keep the military spending money in his or her state. This means that every time a bill was written for congress it hardly ever ask for cuts to military spending because the congressmen would hurt their own state by his vote to downsize military spending. You can make your own conclusions but the fact remains that the American military industrial complex was born out of the economic success of WWII.

Since WWII America has been in one war after another and when its not called a war its called a conflict and when its not a conflict its an occupation.

Call it what you like the US military is present all over the world. The US has 5% of the world’s population and is the primary authority in international affairs. US military intervention has steadily increased since WWII. There used to be one major military action every year now the US is engaging several times a year. The US has a positive economic feedback to military engagement in the form of economic response to military spending. The US would not be engaging its military if the military was not as big and powerful as it is. And the US military would not be as big and powerful as it is if it did not reward its citizens with jobs and income. The system is perpetuating war.

The primary reason for conflict and war is resources.

Resources are an issue because they are systematically being miss managed by a broken and obsolete banking system that is undermining the entire world. This may seem like an outrageous claim but in the book Optimizing America, the rational is explained. World Peace is only elusive because the banking system isn’t working.

Income Inequality outside the box

The IMF is out with a report that shows the continued sprawl of global income inequality. The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor all across the globe. This is being blamed for the economic stagnation and potential economic collapse through populist political movements.

It seems people know that income inequality is a product of globalization and automation. Work is either getting exported or automated. This leaves people without work and with obsolete skill sets. They will fashion the problem as temporary since people just need to develop new more valuable skill sets that meets the needs of the ever changing economy. However, this trend has been happening for over 50 years. It is more then temporary it is clearly permanent. What is permanent is that skill sets required for high paying jobs are losing value faster then skill sets can be learned. This has caused the permanent reduction of wages.

Furthermore, it should be considered that the economy is limited as it is currently deployed. In other words, the rich and powerful only have so much work they need to get done. All other resources and money they have will be preserved or put to work financially which doesn’t require work.

Insights can be gleaned from looking at income inequality globally. The problem isn’t contained in one country instead it is incestuous and pervasive. What are the commonalities of all the countries with growing income inequality? Their laws are different, their currencies are different, yet the gap between the rich and poor are growing. The commonality is they all have the same basic economic system which overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy.

It’s the wealthy who buy robots and automate processes to lower costs. Its the poor who are replaced by these new technologies. Is it any wonder that the disparity is growing. The same with globalization, its the rich that move their factories to countries with fewer regulations and cheaper labor and its the poor that pay in both countries, one country the poor loses jobs and in the other they have to work in worse conditions for less.

This by itself is not revolutionary or new but a solution to this problem exists and its revolutionary. Optimizing America is a book that has a solution to not only America’s Economic problems but the whole worlds. Look us up at www.optimizingamerica.com !!!