Optimizing America

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10 Exciting Reasons to Read Optimizing America

Following Justin Wolf’s Journey as a Washington outsider with a plan to truly shake things up

  1. Feel the excitement of millennials getting the inside track on what needs to change to make their futures better
  2. Loath the evil Elliot Larson, who uses his multi-billion dollar fortune to do his devilish deeds
  3. Gasp as the Bach Brothers use their oil money to buy the politicians and get their way
  4. Breath a sigh of relief as Justin barely escapes an assassination attempt
  5. Immerse yourself in futuristic technology that is on its way
  6. See the future as politics meets new economics, as demand side theory wins over the voters
  7. Be inspired to know that the future does not have to depend on trickle down jobs from the billionaire class
  8. Enjoy the romantic tension between Evan and Amy, two of Justin’s campaign assistants
  9. Find out what happens when Justin’s team walks into New York Cities subway tunnels

Book Summary

The party in power has revised the Constitution so that Harold Spade might secure a third consecutive term as president. Supported by his political protégé Amy Billings, a New York media mogul searches desperately for a candidate to depose Spade.

Meanwhile, self-made billionaire Justin Wolfe sets out on a tour to promote ‘The Big Solution’, his book that outlines a simple economic platform that would turn a corrupt system on its head. Despite the urging from his best friend, Federal Reserve Board hopeful Evan White, Wolfe has no intention of running for office. But when his ideas begin to catch fire with the masses, the two friends find themselves swept up in a presidential campaign that threatens not only their public standing, but their very lives.

“Our world is remarkably automated. Resources remain in abundant supply. And by most standard measures, the economy appears to be humming along. Life should be so simple. So prosperous. And yet the vast majority of people still aren’t making a decent living. America’s promise of equal opportunity has become a distant memory. But I, Justin Wolfe, have a plan to finally change the dynamics that have been holding this country back. Imagine a simple idea that could change the world forever. An idea that will deliver us from this economic train-wreck and prevent further hardships from falling on the shoulders of future generations. Shouldn’t we get started?”
–Justin Wolfe

In a political thriller for the ages, Jarl Jensen achieves something no other author has achieved. He crafts an exciting story around disruptive solutions that would dismantle and rebuild our global economic system. Through vivid scenery, memorable characters, and intense drama, he encourages the reader to ponder hardline questions that challenge modern political punditry, shatter the “news-in-a-loop” cycle, and change the way we think about the distribution of wealth. In this way, this page-turning thriller is more than just a page-turning thriller. It is a means to optimize America, to spark hope for a brighter future, and to change the world forever.

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Click Here to Buy Optimizing America on Kindle

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