Ever wonder where all these ‘technological advancements’ are heading? Hint: NOT humanity.

Ever wonder where all these ‘technological advancements’ are heading?  What is the end destination?  It’s concerning when people say there is a plan because there isn’t any.  Have faith, they say, but when a person steps in front of a bus faith will not save them or humanity.

Technology is a product of the banking industry.  It is only deployed when it can return the initial investment or the loans from which the money was printed.  This narrows technologies future scope.  There will be no technology to eliminate poverty because poverty by definition has no money to pay for the technology.  Technology can only advance in a direction where it can outperform either people or older technologies while costing less as well.

The transportation industry is about to be turned on its head as autonomous cars replace drivers.  There will be significant cost savings and massive job loss.  It isn’t being developed to make the roads safer, it is being developed to replace the truck and the taxi drivers.

It is only a matter of time before the technology arrives since banks can see the return on their investment.  The car companies can pay for the massive investment because banks can fund it.  And all the car companies and even service companies like Uber and Google are investing to make it happen.  The car companies that choose not to integrate the technology into their future products risk being left behind and failing.

The health care industry is massive and is quickly rising on the radar of the technology companies.  One of the remaining strengths in the job market is nursing.  As the baby boomers are getting older nurses are in demand and are getting compensated handsomely.

There are many companies pursuing robotic nurses not only to do the work but also to provide companionship to the patients.  Why aren’t human nurses good enough?  Because robots have the potential of doing it for less and make a big profit for the technology companies.

A window into how the future could go wrong can be seen in the show ‘West World’.  The billionaire class in ‘West World’ spend millions of dollars to have their wildest fantasies come to life.  Their fantasies are acted out by robots that are so lifelike that not even the robots know they are robots.

It all goes wrong as the code is altered giving the ‘hosts’ the ability to remember their past experiences as they wake up to the realization that they are slaves to the guests and their demented fantasies.



More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies are considered to be technology companies.  They are all engaged in the deployment of artificial intelligence technology.   If they don’t, they risk being outsmarted by the competition.  One has to wonder, where is this going?

There is No Happy Ending

Technology is not heading in a direction where humanity wins.  Technology will make people either become redundant or useless.  If technology remains a slave to humanity, that might be a good outcome for the wealthy people who can afford it but the people without money will be left out like the homeless already are.

As for, the wealthy that are served, what will their purpose be?   On the other hand, if technology pursues its own purpose, then mankind will be a potential obstacle, a scary scenario.

Technology has turned out to be a great big disappointment.  People sit around the dinner table looking at their phones and not talking to each other.

Facebook has made it possible for large portions of the population to be influenced to the point that it is changing elections all over the world.  Technology is not bringing us utopia it is bringing us to dystopia.



How to Stop the Train

The key to changing our dire future is in understanding the effects of interest rates on technology.  The higher the interest rates the more expensive technology gets.  It has a compounding effect.

For example, computer chips are sold with massive computing power for just a few dollars each.  However, the factories that produce those chips cost billions.  If those factories were financed at 15% interest rates it would make those chips too expensive for most applications.  And with fewer applications, there would be less volume making the whole industry collapse.   That might not sound like good news to you, but these chips/technologies are no longer serving us, they are replacing us.

Humanity is at a crossroads, either humanity is here for the sake of humanity or humanity is here as a stepping stone for an artificial super-intelligence.  Technology is already showing its weaknesses and mankind has so much potential.

It’s time to choose humanity over technology, it’s time for we to choose today over the debt payments of tomorrow.  We can either be the frog in the hot water thinking everything is fine; or we can fight back by taking the bankers out of the Federal Reserve and put an end to their inhumane pursuits.


Technology is not advancing for the purpose of making humanity better.  Technology is advancing to pay back the loans provided by the banks. These advances often appear as enhanced consumer products, but do not be fooled behind the scene technologies are replacing people, one skill at a time, one person and sometimes millions of people at a time.

Higher interest rates undermine this mindless march of technology.  Higher interest rates can be achieved by optimizing the inputs to our economy without hurting the economy.  It does however require that humanity is made more important then the banks.  For more information on Optimizing America’s economy click here.

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