Ever wonder why mankind is advancing technology at breakneck speed?  It’s not like people were dumber 200 years ago.  People are genetically the same as they were 10,000 years ago.   The reason will surprise you and even scare you.



The correlation between the rate of advancement of technology and the amount of money bankers can lend is remarkable and NOT coincidental.


The Federal Reserve has more to do with the creation of the iPhone then Steve Jobs

Wow, now that’s a bold statement.  The explanation is simple, however; the need for technology is financial, not humane.  Yes, you might love your iPhone and genetically modified corn starch, but those products are a consequence of a business’s need to innovate and compete.

Businesses have competed for hundreds of years without innovating at breakneck speeds.  The rate of innovation has accelerated at the same rate as the banking industry has expanded their access to capital to fund loans.  Innovation today is not about feeding the poor, it’s about the bottom line, profits.  It’s also about survival if a company doesn’t compete then its rival will take market share and put them out of business.

Why is there a STRONG correlation between the rate of innovation and the banking industries expansion of the credit market?  In simple terms, innovation costs money and just like a loan that has to be paid back, the innovation that leads to profits that will repay the loan, will receive the financing required, through a loan from a bank.

Just take a look at the billion-dollar startups in Silicon Valley often referred to as Unicorns.  An idea to put HR on the cloud is a billion-dollar business overnight, many of these companies fail but if just one in ten makes it that’s enough.  Technology companies are getting massive valuations so initial investors often wind up becoming billionaires.

Technology to Replace Mankind

Here’s how the whole banking industry is actively undermining mankind.  Let’s say a business owner was offered to buy equipment that would save him from paying 4 workers $100,000 per year.

The owner is told that he can have a near zero percent interest loan on the equipment for 6 years.  His return on investment would happen after only six years, a no brainer.  This kind of calculation is made every day across all businesses and banks can fund all of these loans because they have access to infinite capital.

The evil of financing technology that replaces people without recognition of the fact that the technology would not be possible without the infinite debt access and low interest loans exposes the danger it represents.

Conversely, if the business owner had to pay a much higher interest rate on his $600,000 loan to pay for the technology, it would be a big mistake to make the investment.  At a 15% interest rate, it would take 60 years for the business to recover the initial investment, a very bad deal.

U.S. Treasury Bond Interest Rate History

Quantitative Easing the Death Knell for Workers and Maybe Even Mankind

Many celebrate the use of quantitative easing as ‘saving America’ from the pits of doom but with a deeper look it only saved the banking industry, it left the American workers in the lurch.

Quantitative Easing basically printed money to buy treasury bonds.  The money from the purchase of the treasury bonds went to the people who bought them in the first place.

They went on to spend it in the economy which was greatly needed.  Once again, a closer look shows how misguided Quantitative Easing was.  The value of the bond went up and the interest rate went down.

The Federal Reserve offered zero percent interest rates, as low as they could go, and stayed there for years.  As shown in the simple math above, this works directly against the interest of the working man.  In Japan and Europe, they are using negative interest rates for loans, this basically pays companies to buy technology to replace workers.


Low interest rates and the ability to lend an infinite amount of money has ruined the world’s economies and social systems.  Outsourcing the economy to the banks is tantamount to letting private prisons write legislation that determines prison time.

It is time for the people of America and the world to wake up and realize the massive conflict of interest the banking industry has on the rest of humanity.  For the only workable solution read, Hacking The American Economy.

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