A few years ago I wrote my first book, ‘Optimizing America.’ And now that I’ve had some time, space and feedback to reflect on the impact of the book on a budding audience, and its lasting effects, I can’t help but share ten reasons why it may appear in your ‘must read’ list. Here’s what new readers are saying and why they love this book.

Find Out What Other Readers are Saying About “Optimizing America

10 Exciting Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Reading Optimzing America
  1. Following Justin Wolf’s Journey as a Washington D.C. outsider with a plan to truly shake things up.
  2. Feel the excitement of millennials getting the inside track on what needs to change to make their futures better.
  3. Loath the evil Elliot Larson, who uses his multi-billion dollar fortune to do his devilish deeds. (hmmmm, this sounds like it hits close to home.)
  4. Gasp as the Bach Brothers use their oil money to buy the politicians and get their way.
  5. Breath a sigh of relief as Justin barely escapes an assassination attempt.
  6. Immerse yourself in futuristic technology that’s on its way.
  7. See the future as politics meets new economics, as demand side theory wins over the voters.
  8. Be inspired to know that the future does not have to depend on trickle down jobs from the billionaire class.
  9. Enjoy the romantic tension between Evan and Amy, two of Justin’s campaign assistants.
  10. Find out what happens when Justin’s team walks into New York Cities subway tunnels.

“As a community advocate in local government,  father of two millennials, and home owner, I find this book to be a very important read when it comes to our ideas on leadership, the current problems with our political climate, and the future of the economy in the United States.”

Byron Baker, Retired U.S. Department of Commerce Director of Acquisitions and Logistics

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