I wrote my first book, ‘Optimizing America’ as a way of telling an important story about our dysfunctional economy.  The world we live in is full of scarcity, yet we have an abundance of resources. This simple fact should make you wonder why that is.  My first book describes a big solution for most of our world’s problems. However, I want to get the message out faster. So, I wrote a booklet that I am giving away for free.

The national and global economy is broken and has been for a long time.  It started with Nixon’s attempt to fight a stagnating economy and revive it by taking the dollar off the gold standard and creating FIAT money.  This did little to stave off inflation, after all, why should it. However, it did increase the cost of living for everyone consistently ever since.  So now most American’s have less than $500 in savings, and they are vulnerable to almost any accident or unexpected expense. But who pulled Nixon’s strings but the commercial bankers who wanted the ability to have unrestricted access to sell their financial products which is what FIAT money allows them.

The problem with our world is the commercial banks run our economy because they control monetary policy.  In my FREE Optimizing America Book I describe ten ways monetary policy can fix our national and global problems if it was not written purely to prop up commercial banks.  Here are some of the solutions offered: How to solve America’s national debt problem, How to achieve nearly 100% employment and How to end income inequality.  Find all these solutions inside the Optimizing America Book.

The truth is that economics is not very complex.  It is really just like a very basic science. However, it is not being taught or described that way.  Academics treat economics like a social science which proposes that it’s not scientific at all but rather an interaction between people like psychology.  Economics is really your ecosystem like a pond is a frog’s ecosystem. If you were an intelligent frog, you would want to know all about your ecosystem. However, since most people don’t consider economics very important, they are unwittingly like a frog in a pot being brought to a slow boil.  You need to know the truth about how important economics is to your quality of life and my FREE Optimizing America Book does this in simple language.
‘Hacking The American Economy’ is a gateway to what is a more important book, ‘Optimizing America’.  Optimizing America is a book written for the masses.  Through descriptive storytelling, it tells about how the changes that are so desperately need can become a reality.  The main character Justin Wolfe has written a Optimizing America Book that catches fire with the working class and leads Justin to the decision to run for president.  Through the trials and tribulations of the campaign, many ideas are rationalized and discussed. The book offers the reader a level of understanding that can help take our world out of scarcity and into abundance.

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