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West World’ is no doubt one of the greatest science fiction shows of our time much like Star Trek was 30 years ago. Many of the imagined technologies used on Star Trek are a reality today. Technology has no limits, it’s just a matter of time before the possibilities are discovered and made into reality. This is why science fiction is so thrilling, it shows us the possibilities. West World seems plausible and that’s exciting. The show makes us look beyond the technology and makes us look at humanity, what is West World saying about us?

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Like it or not we are the guardians of earth, humans are the intelligent life, we hold the keys to the future. West World reveals our nature, a side of us, that many of us would like to call ‘fiction’. The reality is that our history is filled with slavery and genocide. And this isn’t just in our past, the most popular video games are point and shoot, laying to waist every digital creation in our way. Make no mistake a West World theme park would be a huge hit for our billionaire ruling class. In fact, I can safely assume that a virtual reality West World video game is already in the making. We need to ask what is driving humanity towards our very worst instincts our primal natures instead of what makes us human, capable of caring and loving. The answer is our economic system which looks to exploit your primal instincts for money and attention. It may not seem like we have a choice in the matter, but the system is not some universal law that can’t be avoided, it is in fact derived from our monetary policy. Change the policy, change the world and the future for the better.

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One of the best quotes from the first show of Season 2 is, ‘Reality is that which cannot be replaced’. It’s so self-serving to the human masters while leaving us with an empty feeling after Deloris points out its fallacy. We cannot pin our future on the notion that we cannot be replaced; as a society, we place a very small price on life because as long as we are not meeting our end, life goes on. Humanity must stake out its higher worthier nature as our future and leave our primal instincts in the past. In short, we have to love our planet, each other, technology and all things more then we love our jobs. Jobs have become the reason we make all kinds of excuses for devious outcomes and behaviors. And make no mistake, the elevated importance of jobs is written into the principles that govern monetary policy controlled by the Federal Reserve and the commercial banks.

In the show, the West World theme park was made possible by extremely wealthy people paying huge sums of money for access. This seems to mesh quite well with today’s reality of wealth inequality. The wealth gap is exactly what could make West World a reality. The exclusion of resources from one part of society for the benefit of a smaller wealthier group means that exotic entertainment like West World is coming like it or not. It is our duty as guardians of our world to realize that technology has no limits, but it serves our wants and desires. Today’s technology is driven aimlessly by our economy; towards our primal urges and nativist instincts because that’s where the money is. The inner workings of our economy are not fundamental to our world, like the constitution, monetary policy is made up of words on paper. It’s time we change those words to make a better future quite different than what West World tells us is coming. A future where resources are abundant and hard work actually derives a better life. Our economy creates scarcity and with it comes to conflict, wars, poverty and dichotomies of jobs now verses the future of the planet.

Join me, I want to change the world. We need to change our monetary policy and in order to do that, we might have to change the constitution as well. If we cannot change these documents then we are truly not free, we are truly not in control of our destiny. As the intelligent life on earth shouldn’t we be taking control and steering clear of the rocks at the bottom of a coming cliff. Sign up for my newsletter, read more of my blogs here.