10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Reading “Optimizing America”

  1. To find out why the economy’s rigged for the wealthy
  2. To learn how banks run the economy and why they drive debt higher until the markets crash
  3. The characters hit close to home and in some cases, will urge you to stand up and fight for your rights.
  4. Yes. There is an ideal president and he does exist.
  5. To learn how the military industrial complex pulls the strings of power.
  6. Want Peace? It is possible?—?only if we change the economic system.
  7. Why are we being treated like lab rats having to figure out new ways to make a living every time technology advances?
  8. How to make the economy benefit everyone not- just the wealthy.
  9. The federal reserve holds the keys to abundance but enforces scarcity in society.
  10. What happens when the robots take our jobs? The answer to automation and globalization is in Optimizing America.

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